New 2016-2017 Bando Agenda

There’s just something about writing on agenda, the moment where my pen meets my papers that brings me joy. One of the many reasons why I prefer to write on agendas,  also all the customization options such as  stickers and washi tape are endless. I think  having an agenda is more personal and unique.

Lets get started: So I’m well aware that I purchased an agenda that I can’t even start to use till August but I am extremely happy with my purchase and thats all that matters ♡

Bando Agendas are extremely popular and it wasn’t until the beginning of the year that I even knew they existed. I tried snagging one as soon as I found out but the new 2016- 2017 weren’t out yet. So after finding out, I immediately signed up as VIP on their site.  From time to time I would receive email updates on the progress of the agenda and certain new features they were going to add. It wasn’t till about a couple weeks ago that they released the cutest video showcasing all their agendas on their website. From the video, I knew I wanted to get the pink floral one.

I really like floral patterns and designs, I have a variety of dresses in floral pattern and also my dress that I’ll be wearing for graduation is also a floral design. I still haven’t taken pictures to show because I’m not quiet used to taking pictures of clothes, the right lighting, and so forth. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Back to the agenda, I love everything about it! The artwork is very beautiful and the stickers are extremely adorable. I actually started putting stickers on the pages for certain special days coming up in the year. I also like the laminated tabs or the fact that there are tabs to begin with. Most agenda’s don’t really have any tabs and these are really nice and it just keeps everything organized.


Which Bando agenda is your favorite?


Staying Calm and Organized

The quarter just started and I’m already feeling immensely overwhelmed and Its only been two days. Mind you, its been my last first two days as an undergraduate, so that’s sorta of a good thing?

Ill keep telling myself that to sleep at night.


During my Monday morning class of Operations Planning and Control, a upper division Industrial Engineering course. The professor announced the hours that I will have to commit to the class in order to get an A. He said it was about 25 hours.. Is that even accurate? He tried to scare us with time commitment and mentioned that we should say goodbye to our social lives if we want to survive this course. As if ! The class requires us to work with teams selected by the professor, which is something I’m extremely familiar with.

If there’s one thing I learned about my 3 years as an undergraduate is how to work well with teams, lead teams and how to

Stay Calm and Organized!

Easier said than done, well most days that is. But I do find myself to staying more organized than calm. Some days I’m more of a panic, stay organized and pray that I’ll make it out alive.

Here are some helpful tips that I like to follow in order to stay organized and lead teams:

  • Get contact info from your teamates as soon as you form teams.
  • Set up google drive folder and invite all.
  • Email team mates for their availability. You need to start scheduling meetings. That is unless you are trying to wait till the last minute to finish a 10 week project. Trust me It’s not fun! stressed
  • Set up a weekly meetings. Great way to stay on top of the project deadlines, goals and progress.
  • Utilize groupme to communicate with team.
  • Have an agenda to keep track of all these meetings, deadlines, etc
  • Contribute equally in the group. Be a team player ! No one likes the slacker. Please don’t be that person. 🙂



How to Prepare for a Test

Finals just finished for me on Friday and I would like to reflect on this past week on all the good, the bad and the ugly. First off, finals were okay but not great. I’ve come into finals week better prepared than this past week. But I’m quite glad that I finished strong and I can finally start enjoying my spring break that is up until grades come out! worried

Wouldn’t it be grand ? If we all had photographic memory that would allow us to study the night before. But we all can’t be like iron man.


For us average folks (Me), I follow these tips:

  • Don’t Procrastinate!  Depending on the subject, give yourself a couple of days in advance. You’ll retain the information better and you’ll be glad that you did.
  • Study by doing homework problems! I can’t stress this one enough. I recently went through one engineering pad (200 pages) for a combination of 2 engineering class in one-quarter (10 weeks). That is quite a lot of homework problems.


  • For all my coffee drinkers, stay hydrated


  • Study in a well-lit area.


  • Get rid of all your distractions. Don’t worry they’ll be there for you to enjoy after your test.