Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Hello World!

What a lovely way to end the new year with one final blog post of 2016. This year has been filled with many moments, moments that I’ll never forget.

I accomplished a couple of goals this year and I couldn’t have done them without the love and support of my family, friends and boyfriend. As cliche as the phrase “New year, New me” sounds it honestly reflects on how I’ve been feeling lately. There is still more room to improve my quality of lifestyle, goals I want to accomplish and places I want to see in 2017. So I will own that phrase and damn well say it when ever I please.

Here are some of my goals for 2017:

♡Travel to Europe
♡Have more mini weekend trips
♡Be consistent with blog posting.
♡Update website layout to my own design
♡Exercise more (hiking, running)
♡Read at least 5 books this year.
These are a few of the goals I would like to accomplish for 2017. My top goal is traveling to Europe only because this is a trip I’ve been dreaming about since I graduated from highschool. It was something that I wasn’t able to do all throughout college because I didn’t have money. This dream seems reachable now that I have a steady job and I’ve been saving. My boyfriend will be joining me on this unforgettable trip and to be honest I’m glad it didn’t happen when it did. At least now, I’ll be able to share that dream with my love.
What are your goals for 2017?

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Do what makes you happy ♡


What are you passionate about? What inspires you? motivates you? makes you happy?  Were you able to answer all these questions? ♡ 

So far this past month, blogging has become more than just a hobby. It has become an outlet where I can share my thoughts, inspirations, and share all the things that make me, “me”.  I’ve learned so much and I’m continuing to learn as the days go by. It was actually during spring break where I decided that I wanted to start blogging. I literally woke up  Saturday morning and said to myself “I’m going to start blogging today”. Prior to this epiphany,  I had read over several posts the night before about starting a blog.  It wasn’t till that morning that I made my decision to start this blog.  I had no idea in what direction my blog would go but I’m glad I made that step forward.

Writing has never been my forte, I’ve always had difficulty expressing myself through words. But as time progressed, I began to be more consistent with posting and with that I felt like writing became more natural. Well.. At least sometimes it is, other times I find myself staring at my computer screen for hours.  I’ll be rewriting, proofreading and deleting until I get the post just right.  But I try not to let that discourage me because a bump in the road isn’t a means to give up on something that makes me happy.

Don’t ever let negativity or obstacles stop you from pursuing your passions or dreams. Always keep pushing towards your goals and don’t let others tell you otherwise. Those who are true to you, will always motivate you, inspire and help you.

Its wonderful feeling when your passionate about something and it makes you happy when you do it. You become so consumed in it, that it doesn’t feel like work but its actually fun for you to do. Its fun to pay attention to detail in your photography and it brings you great joy when others praise you for your effort.

Always keep moving forward towards your goals ♡




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Motivational Mondays – Success


Before we can succeed we need to first define what success means to each of us? What drives us or motivates us to aspire and achieve more in life? 

As defined by

  1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors;the accomplishment of one’s goals.

To be honest, at times I can be slightly pessimistic about my goals. I have this fear of not being able to accomplish them or a willingness to give up because it gets to be to difficult. This particular quote relates to me because I am not the type that will believe that I can.  However,  I am surrounded by  loved ones that remind me that I can do it.  Even though it may be difficult for me to achieve at the very moment, with a great support system and perseverance I am able to keep pushing through to accomplish my goals.

I define success through educational goals and one of them in particular is my goal of being a 1st generation university graduate, which is something that I never thought I’d even get remotely close too. I’m proud that I’ll be able to set the example to my siblings and cousins on how valuable an education is. I’m really excited that I only have a couple more weeks before commencement.

However,  I still have the fear that I will not pass my classes this quarter or that something will delay me from walking at commencement.  The road to my bachelors degree has been extremely difficult. It has involved a lot of tears, stress, anger and pain. A lot of bad choices were made and at times I felt like giving up. But even through all that I kept fighting through the worst.  From this experience, I realized that if I had stopped believing in myself, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

We are stronger than we think and we should never doubt that in ourselves. Never give up on your goals and always aspire to do more in life. Just because something isn’t obtainable right away or it seems to difficult to accomplish, with hard work you will achieve it.

Success can come in the form of a great idea or goal that will define you as an individual. It isn’t achieved over night, it is a journey. Before you can begin that journey you need to believe in yourself that you can do it and everything will fall into place.




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Motivational Mondays – The extra mile

What does “go the extra mile” mean to you? 

To me it means, doing more than what I am asked, going above and beyond, not letting fear get in the way, helping my family financially when they need it,  helping my youngest sibling with her homework, finding ways to motivate and support those I care about. I love motivating others to do more than they can do even though at times it may be hard for them. The satisfaction of seeing smiles on those whom I help is extremely rewarding. Especially when they thank you for your help and when you see the that they have succeeded because you were there to motivate them in some way.

At work going the extra mile could mean paying more attention to detail on projects and exceeding your supervisor’s expectations. At school, you join professional organizations and run for an officer position even though you may be socially awkward or are afraid of not succeeding. Never let fear or uncertainty stop you from doing what you want to do or hope to achieve. If you feel like you don’t have the time to do accomplish certain things then put in the extra effort and you will see results. Have a well balanced schedule to help you with achieving your goals. Your goals won’t happen overnight, it takes patience and perseverance in order to see things through. But always push through and make more of an effort towards your goals and you will see results.

When I started this blog, it had no direction and I was uncertain as to what I would blog about. But its been a couple of weeks and I have established my own personal niche and I am more aware of what I want to do and what I hope to achieve. It may be a bit tricky with school and work but with good time management, I know I’ll be able to make the time and the effort.

What does “go the extra mile” mean to you? 




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