Fall Colors & Pumpkin decorating

Hello World!

Fall is my favorite time of year ! Leaves start changing colors and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air.

Yes I will admit that I go a little pumpkin crazy around this time of year. From my pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks to my pumpkin fresh smelling car. During this time I like to go to my local pumpkin patch and pick the most pretty pumpkin to decorate. My boyfriend and I actually had our first date at a pumpkin patch <3 (that’s a story for another post)

So you can guess why I love this time of year.

I usually tend to carve out pumpkins but this year I decided to paint it. This inspiration came from a Pinterest post I found while browsing. Not bad for my first try ! I even had all the colors handy and this simple diy only cost me the price of pumpkin ($4)

The Anastasia Beverly eye shadows are pricey but so worth it. I wanted to add warm tone colors to my collection and I opted for these 4. Each of the eye shadows are $12 with a total of $48 + taxes & shipping.

The four colors in the pan are:

Soft gold -shimmery

Sangria – shimmery

Burnt Orange – matte finish

Red Earth – matte finish

My favorites out of the four are sangria and burnt orange. These two colors are really pigmented and go perfect together.

What are your favorite colors? Any fall decorating DIY that your into?

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Adventure is out there ♡

graduation cap

graduation cap

There are about 7 weeks left till graduation and I couldn’t wait to start decorating my cap, so I decided that id start today.  At first, I was so indecisive as to what I was going to do. I kept going back and forth through pinterest, I didn’t know if I wanted something funny, cute or memorable. I was debating between Hunger games,  spongebob, or game of thrones. This morning, I came across this really cute “Adventure is out there” UP cap with flowers instead of balloons. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and I just had to try it for myself !  I happily went to Michaels to buy all the necessary supplies for this vision and also use my imagination to improvise.


Being the complicated person that I am, I thought that I could cut out the letters instead of using pre made letters. So I bought glitter and map of the world cardstock paper. After failed attempts to cut out the perfect letters, I went back to the store to buy pre made letters. Cutting letters is a  no joke, its actually really hard to do it with a cutting knife. Also the “a’s and e” were really hard to cut. I honestly think that I saved a lot of time by opting for the the pre made letters instead. However, I didn’t use pre made letters for “Adventure” because I wanted it to be the map of the world and changing it would change my vision on how I wanted it to look.

Also, to those who will be decorating caps: make sure that you are designing your cap the right way. I actually did it upside down and I had to go back and remove the letters.  How embarrassing! I was actually mortified when I took out all the letters and their was glue residue left over.  I tried my best to make it more presentable than how it was when I removed the letters. I’m actually really glad that I was able to fix it to some extent but I think I’m ready to go hunt my dad’s graduation cap and  start all over, we’ll see if time permits.

What are some of your favorite graduation cap designs?




Cinderella themed centerpiece


mason jar Cinderella

Another year and another banquet that I get to help my boyfriend plan. Yay us!♡ Last year I helped him make comic book themed centerpieces and they came out really good. We had used mod podge and it took us a couple of days, after that we swore we’d never use mod podge again.  But this year there will be no mod podging for us so I’m really thrilled to help him out again. For this year we are going to be using mason jars and I really love mason jars, they are so versatile.

This year’s chosen theme is Disney Princesses and villains. For this  banquet we need 10 centerpieces, so we decided to break it down to 5 disney princesses and  5 villains.

The chosen Disney princess and villains are as follows.

Cinderella-Wicked Stepmother


Snow White-Evil Queen

Princess Lei-Darth Vader (Guys Choice)

Elsa-Prince Hans

The banquet is scheduled for the end of May and we plan to start the rest in two weeks.  Check back then for final result 🙂


♡Mason Jar

♡Spray Paint



♡Glue Gun

♡Card stock paper

♡Printed photo

Step 1: Set up newspaper outside to spray paint the outside of the mason jar. This part can get really messy, so make sure you lay out enough newspaper. Once completed let it dry for about 30 minutes

Step 2: Paint the twine yellow. You can choose to skip this step, I think the twine on its own would have also been perfect but we wanted to make it stand out by painting the twine yellow. We waited a little over an hour just to wait for the paint to dry completely.

Step 3: Once both the mason jar and twine are completely dry you I started start wrapping the twine around the mason and tied it into a bow. The cut out any lose ends. For this step you can use the glue gun to secure any loose edges.

Step 4: Find an image of cinderella online and crop it out in an oval shape. We actually got the image  printed on glossy paper to make it stand out more.

Step 5:   Cut out image and glue it on brown card stock paper. After, I used my glue gun to glue it onto the mason jar.

Step 6: Photoshoot of  completed mason jar..heheh 🙂


What are some DIY you’ve done with mason jars?


DIY Embellished Frame

If you are a college student working part time (me), DIY is usually inexpensive. Making things out of stuff you already own is really simple and can be done in under 30 minutes. Recently, I went to Michaels and I stumbled upon the clearance section and found this really cute mirror frame. The frame was markdown from $3.99 to $1.00.  Oh the possibilities!

The frame was a slightly run down and it needed to be sanded down a bit. Since this post is about stuff I already own, I unfortunately didn’t have any sand paper to use on this frame. So I decided to continue without sanding it down. The finished result was really good and it gave it that rustic look.


  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Paper Flowers
  • Frame
  • Glue Gun
  • Clear Tarp
  • Glitter Ribbons

Im still getting the hang of lighting and taking pictures with my iPhone 6 fluctuates but I’m making it work for now. Hopefully come graduation I can ask for a professional camera as a gift. Cross your fingers!


Supplies for Embellishing a photo frame

Step 1: Take out the mirror before you spray paint it. You don’t want to ruin a perfectly good mirror by forgetting to take it out.

Step 2: Set up a clear trash bag or newspapers outside in your backyard. Wear gloves and any other proper protective equipment when spray painting, you don’t want to be breathing in the fumes  of the spray paint or getting spray all over your hands. If you choose to hang this frame up you can skip spray painting the back but for this DIY I wanted to be consistent so I spray painted the back also.


Step 3: Once the frame is dry, it is now time for embellishing the paper flowers with a glue gun. I assorted the flowers from big being the focal point and the smaller flowers on the side of the bigger flower. While doing this DIY it needed a bit more so I added ribbon from my last DIY found Here.  The finished product is really cute and I just love the white paper flowers and how the glitter ribbon wraps around the mirror.





DIY Polaroid Photo Frame

Its the first day of spring and I’m feeling really crafty today.  After dropping off my sister at work, I stopped at my local Michaels Craft store and purchased all these goodies to make a cute polaroid photo frame for one of my friends. It was really inexpensive and the result is so pretty!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Wood Frame $7.99
  • Black Clothes pin $2.99
  • 1 Gold Spray Paint $3.69
  • Assortment of String $2.99


Step 2: Set Up

For this step, I used a white clear trash bag that I set up outside in my backyard.


Step 3: Spray Paint

Make sure to spray paint in the same direction to keep the paint consistent.

Step 4: Measure String Length


Step 5: Align Strings

Use a poloroid photo to help with aligning.

Step 6: Glue gun string to wood frame


Step 7: Use glue gun to attach frame holder


Step 8: Finished Product