Downtown Disney Sweets ♡

disney cake pop



This past Friday, my boyfriend took me to walk around downtown disney and  eat at earl of sandwich. Originally, he wouldn’t reveal where we were going because he wanted to surprise me but of course once we were driving, I immediately knew. Our first stop was Earl of Sandwich and we both ordered the chipotle chicken avocado sandwich with tomato soup. I ordered it on a wheat bread while he ordered it on classic white bread. But once we got our meal, I didn’t realize I had started to eat his. It was a silly mistake but I had to give him the half of his while he gave me one half of the wheat. I really think bread makes a sandwich taste great, if the bread isn’t good then the sandwich is plain and boring! No one likes a boring sandwich.

I always tend to gravitate towards this particular sandwich because its so spicy and savory. It has all my favorite things in a sandwich; yummy bread, avocado and spicy flavor!

After eating we went walking around and started taking pictures with my brand new Canon t5i. This camera is absolutely amazing so far and it was exactly what I was looking for in a camera. Also the video capabilities are spot on, it shoots film in low light way better than my go pro. I can’t wait to start filming videos on it.

While walking around, we stopped to get some Disney sweets and he got me this yummy minnie chocolate cake pop. It was too pretty to eat at first but after first bite, I couldn’t stop eating it. I absolutely love chocolate! We went around the store to take more pictures of sweets and the rice krispie treats look really good also.

This past week has been really stressful at school. Projects, assignments and the career fair really stressed me out and Im so thankful that we went out on a nice relaxing date at Downtown Disney.

It’s the little things ♡



Healthy Fast Food – Sumo Salad

Pesto Chicken and Chicken Penn

Due to my inability to pack lunches, I haven’t been able to have healthy meals at work. So my alternative to packed lunches is usually fast food. It can be really unhealthy because I find myself eating fast food frequently. If it isn’t at work its also at one of the many fast food locations on campus.  Fast food usually isn’t classified as a healthy meal and rarely is it as nutrition as a home cooked meal. But sometimes I am left with no choice but to eat fast food. I am trying to get better at packing lunches but the times I don’t, I’ll try to go for the healthier option of fast food, usually salads or soups.

At work, we usually have different restaurants that cater and this past Friday Sumo salad came to cater our lunches. I was really happy because I was finally able to get a salad that I actually enjoyed.  They had a variety of salads and for lunch I choose combination of Pesto Chicken and Chicken Penne. This combination was really savory, yummy and also healthy. The regular bowl was around $9.00. It was a bit pricey but it was definitely worth it!

There are several different locations for Sumo Salad and the one that came to cater our lunches is based in the Los Angeles Area. Did you know? That it actually started in Sidney, Australia.. I sure didn’t. I did some research and they also have locations in  New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and South America. Check out their website to learn more on Sumo Salad

If you happen to live near any of these locations, Be sure to check it out! You will not be disappointed. 🙂

Overall Rating ♥♥♥♥♡



Date night was fluffin awesome!

So since the start of the week I’ve worked full-time and I haven’t been able to try on the makeup I bought a couple of days ago.  For me, its kinda hard to put on makeup at 4:30 am when I’m half asleep and work is 30 miles away. I can never get it right. Hopefully with practice I’ll be able to put on makeup in less than 15 minutes.


On a happier note, I was able to have some quality time with my boyfriend on Tuesday. After work, we went out to eat at Alondra’s in Alhambra. They’re flamin lime wings are amazing!

* spoilers ahead*

Watching  Zootopia was the next item on the list. I must say the references to other movies and shows were simply fantastic.

I also couldn’t get over the hamsters in suits. Omg they were just too adorable!!

and this part too.


We ended our night by going to Fluff ICE.


We ordered mango madness and it was really fluffy, smooth and delicious especially with the mango jelly.  Hands down 5/5