October Beauty Buys

Hello Readers !

This past  month I’ve purchased a couple of beauty goodies and I’m here to elaborately discuss the different items. 

First I’d like to jump in and talk about Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. No joke but instagram made me buy this. I was sucked into the different videos that swore this elixir mixed with foundation gave them glowy skin. Of course I caved and spent almost $40 (shipping + tax included)  on this 15 mL bottle. Ouch !

It’s significantly overpriced but you get what you pay for and this really does feel luxurious  on my skin. It’s smells really good and it mixes really well with my foundation.

Would I buy this again ? Probably not unless I feel like splurging on myself again. I think my curiosity has been fulfilled and as of now I’m not looking to buy another bottle. However, if you are curious about buying this I would recommend to try this at least once. Live a little! 😉


So the holiday’s are upon us and our favorite beauty store “Sephora” has many boxed set goodies!  I came across this two faced and Beauty blender collab for only $40 + tax.  It included the blotterazi, one beauty blender and one sample sized duo highlighter and blush. The Blotterazi is my new fave go to item to carry in my purse. It really does the job when my face starts getting oily. The blush highlight duo is good but its not great.

I usually tend to buy the same brand of mascara brand over and over but this time I decided to try something new. I actually bought this mascara with a coupon I received from sampler set on my birthday. Overall, I think the mascara really makes my lashes pop and it gives them a significant amount of volume. My boyfriend actually pointed it out and noticed there was something different about my lashes when I used the sample size. So if my boyfriend notices my lashes look different then ill definitely take his word for it!





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Fall Colors & Pumpkin decorating

Hello World!

Fall is my favorite time of year ! Leaves start changing colors and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air.

Yes I will admit that I go a little pumpkin crazy around this time of year. From my pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks to my pumpkin fresh smelling car. During this time I like to go to my local pumpkin patch and pick the most pretty pumpkin to decorate. My boyfriend and I actually had our first date at a pumpkin patch <3 (that’s a story for another post)

So you can guess why I love this time of year.

I usually tend to carve out pumpkins but this year I decided to paint it. This inspiration came from a Pinterest post I found while browsing. Not bad for my first try ! I even had all the colors handy and this simple diy only cost me the price of pumpkin ($4)

The Anastasia Beverly eye shadows are pricey but so worth it. I wanted to add warm tone colors to my collection and I opted for these 4. Each of the eye shadows are $12 with a total of $48 + taxes & shipping.

The four colors in the pan are:

Soft gold -shimmery

Sangria – shimmery

Burnt Orange – matte finish

Red Earth – matte finish

My favorites out of the four are sangria and burnt orange. These two colors are really pigmented and go perfect together.

What are your favorite colors? Any fall decorating DIY that your into?

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Finals, Birthday Celebration & Makeup ♡


makeup makeup


Hello Lovely Readers!

June is the month of celebrations in my family, two of my aunts, my mother, cousin and myself all celebrate birthdays this month. This past Monday June 6th, I celebrated my 25th birthday. Yay me! I wasn’t really expecting much that day because I was going to be studying on campus for my last two finals ever. Did I mention that I am currently done with my degree as of Tuesday?  It feels amazing to be finally done after 7 long years of ups and downs, I never expected that I would make it but it goes to show you that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

So on the day of my birthday my boyfriend wrote me the sweetest poem that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. He also surprised me with a couple of makeup goodies from Sephora. I was pretty thrilled that he was able to take time out of his day to stop by Sephora and get me all my favorites ♡ After we studied for a couple hours on campus we went to my place to study some more and then took a cupcake break. We went to a My Delights Cupcakery,  a local cupcake store and purchased a red velvet  and cookies and cream cupcakes. They were absolutely delicious and you can check out the cupcakes here on my instagram lovemellyphoto.

So I’ve been using the items I received on my birthday for the past couple of days and I thought I’d give a little quick review on most of them.

♡ Urban Decay  Optical Blurring Brush: So I have been using this since I got it and I must say I’m pretty impressed with this brush. The bristles are really soft and the makeup is blended out really well with this brush.

♡ Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation: I have been using this foundation in shade 2.0 for a couple of months and I’m still as content as I was the first day I started using it. It applies really well with the optical blurring brush. The coverage is superb on my skin and

♡ Sephora Sample Assortment of Mascara: Okay so this is my absolute favorite because not only do I get to sample all 5 mascaras but I also get coupon to get a full size of my favorite mascara out of the 5. So far, too faced better than sex has been my current favorite since April.

So I’ll actually be having a graduation celebration with my family on Sunday after commencement and I’ve already started buying stuff to decorate our house. I’m pretty excited to take pictures and show you all how it turns out. So till next time!

Are you celebrating birthdays, graduations this month?


Ulta Beauty Haul

Hello lovely readers!

So, I recently stopped by ULTA on Friday to buy some beauty essentials for a banquet that I was going to attend with my boyfriend. Originally, I went in too just buy one liquid lipstick but I came out with several different goodies. As usual, I was pretty thrilled with my purchases and I couldnt wait to try them on.  Especially Urban Decays eyeshadow primer, I’m a big fan of their foundation! I’ve seen youtube reviews on their primer, so I was convinced that I needed to try it.

♡ Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer:  So I bought the travel size for around $12 because I didn’t want to spend the extra money on the larger size but now I wish that I had. This product is simply amazing, I cannot believe how long I have been putting on eyeshadow without priming my lids first. I am definitely hooked on this product and will probably be purchasing again once I run out.

So I usually tend to do my makeup on special occasions, most days my face is pretty bare. I was pretty proud of this look, I didn’t think it would come out this decent. For the eyes, I primed my eyelids with Urban Decays Eyeshadow primer and used Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Pallette.


♡Nyx Liquid Lingerie (Beauty Mark & Bedtime Flirt): Bedtime flirt is probably going to be my new everyday liquid lipstick because its a subtle pink. The product doesn’t transfer and it stays on for a good couple hours. This lipstick is great for my light complexion and it made a perfect banquet look. Beauty mark is a bit darker and I personally don’t see it as an everyday look but its still a good product.

♡ Nyx Super Skinny Marker: I really enjoy this eyeliner, its very bold color and application is really easy. I’m still having difficulty doing a winged line but I’m slowly getting there

[Update] after one or 2 uses uses this eyeliner losts it oomf, its not as good as I thought it would be. I need more than one application to make my winged line darker.


Whats your favorite eyeshadow primer?




April Beauty Favorites


So its a new month, and its time for me to reflect on this past months beauty favorites!  So to get started, I’m a big believer of lotions that smells really good and makeup that makes my face look flawless which is why these three beauty products have been my favorite in the past month. I actually had decided to switch foundations for a week just to try out a more affordable brand but it made my face really shiny and I wasn’t having that.

♡ Urban Decays Naked Skin Foundation in 2.0.

This foundation is the best, I haven’t been able to find something else that I can compare this too. This is one of those foundations where it just leaves my face looking flawless. With good application, it looks like I’m not wearing any makeup at all. It has excellent coverage especially with covering up my acne scars. However, its a bit pricey and it hurts my wallet when I have to purchase again.  During the month of April, I had ran out of my foundation and tried Loreals True match because I had read in a blog post that it was comparable. Boy  was I mistaken!  It actually made my face looked really shiny and I immediately went to sephora and purchased Urban’s naked skin foundation.

♡ Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

So this mascara is really good, it keeps my lashes looking smooth. I have been using this brand of mascara for about a year now and I haven’t switched it up since then. This past month I had a coupon that my mom gave me, so I used it to get this mascara. Yay for moms and coupons!

♡ Bath and Body Thousand Wishes Body Lotion

This lotion was actually a gift from my aunt and it was a pretty damn good gift. I love the smell of this lotion, its so refreshing and sweet. It keeps my skin soft and smelling good.


What are your April beauty favorites?