The journey starts with you

Journaling is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve kept many journals throughout my college years which reveal my day to day thoughts, dreams and goals.


I came across this small niche on youtube of those who journal their travel experiences. Since I have a big trip coming up this year, I thought this would be a great way to document all my experiences

I purchased this journal on Amazon for $26.99 which is great considering the Midoris travler’s notebook is almost $40.  The wanderings notebook is leather bound, includes three small  90 paged notebooks and has compass etched in on the bottom corner. I really thought this was a neat and subtle feature. It was probably the reason what drew me to purchasing this notebook. The notebook is small enough to fit in my purse but still large enough to accommodate  my large handwriting.

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October Beauty Buys

Hello Readers !

This past  month I’ve purchased a couple of beauty goodies and I’m here to elaborately discuss the different items. 

First I’d like to jump in and talk about Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. No joke but instagram made me buy this. I was sucked into the different videos that swore this elixir mixed with foundation gave them glowy skin. Of course I caved and spent almost $40 (shipping + tax included)  on this 15 mL bottle. Ouch !

It’s significantly overpriced but you get what you pay for and this really does feel luxurious  on my skin. It’s smells really good and it mixes really well with my foundation.

Would I buy this again ? Probably not unless I feel like splurging on myself again. I think my curiosity has been fulfilled and as of now I’m not looking to buy another bottle. However, if you are curious about buying this I would recommend to try this at least once. Live a little! 😉


So the holiday’s are upon us and our favorite beauty store “Sephora” has many boxed set goodies!  I came across this two faced and Beauty blender collab for only $40 + tax.  It included the blotterazi, one beauty blender and one sample sized duo highlighter and blush. The Blotterazi is my new fave go to item to carry in my purse. It really does the job when my face starts getting oily. The blush highlight duo is good but its not great.

I usually tend to buy the same brand of mascara brand over and over but this time I decided to try something new. I actually bought this mascara with a coupon I received from sampler set on my birthday. Overall, I think the mascara really makes my lashes pop and it gives them a significant amount of volume. My boyfriend actually pointed it out and noticed there was something different about my lashes when I used the sample size. So if my boyfriend notices my lashes look different then ill definitely take his word for it!





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Fall Colors & Pumpkin decorating

Hello World!

Fall is my favorite time of year ! Leaves start changing colors and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air.

Yes I will admit that I go a little pumpkin crazy around this time of year. From my pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks to my pumpkin fresh smelling car. During this time I like to go to my local pumpkin patch and pick the most pretty pumpkin to decorate. My boyfriend and I actually had our first date at a pumpkin patch <3 (that’s a story for another post)

So you can guess why I love this time of year.

I usually tend to carve out pumpkins but this year I decided to paint it. This inspiration came from a Pinterest post I found while browsing. Not bad for my first try ! I even had all the colors handy and this simple diy only cost me the price of pumpkin ($4)

The Anastasia Beverly eye shadows are pricey but so worth it. I wanted to add warm tone colors to my collection and I opted for these 4. Each of the eye shadows are $12 with a total of $48 + taxes & shipping.

The four colors in the pan are:

Soft gold -shimmery

Sangria – shimmery

Burnt Orange – matte finish

Red Earth – matte finish

My favorites out of the four are sangria and burnt orange. These two colors are really pigmented and go perfect together.

What are your favorite colors? Any fall decorating DIY that your into?

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Tsum tsum




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A July to Remember ♡

pink flower

Hello All!

Its been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. A lot of things have been going on that I haven’t been able to schedule time for blogging. I will try to get into the rhythm of  posting consistently as I adjust to my new work schedule and lifestyle.

This past month, I attended Comic Con with my boyfriend from July 21st-23rd. We arrived in San Diego on Thursday, July 21st in the afternoon. Once there, we went to a local grocery store and did some shopping. After shopping, we checked in at our place and made our way to the convention to register for the next day.  Our goal was to come back at midnight to make line in hopes of getting into the Game of Thrones signing. We  actually didn’t get to the convention until Friday 3 am and by then the lines were already full. We still waited in line, in hopes that we might get into a different autograph signing. As we got closer to the front, we didn’t exactly get into anything worth mentioning.

We then went to check out the convention before our volunteer shift.  After our shift ended, we went out to eat with friends and came back to watch the autograph signing of Game of Thrones. The area got really packed quickly. If you’ve never been to comic con during this time then prepare for no movement. Once, Game of thrones comes out there is zero movement from the crowd, everyone watches those 100 lucky individuals get an exclusive signed autograph poster. (Next year it will be us)

On Saturday, I managed to snag this cute Cinema Tsum Tsum set. Isn’t this just adorable?? I can’t get over how cute this set is! My boyfriend was able to get the coolest Star Wars skateboard deck from Santa Cruz Skateboards.


I really can’t wait to see what next year’s Comic Con will have in store. Overall, our trip was a success!  We had a wonderful time getting through the con together. Waiting in line after line wouldn’t be as fun without my boyfriend by side ♡