Hello my name is Melissa but most of my family has called me melly for as long as I can remember. Im a 25 year old Engineer. I’m quite the adventurous gal when time permits. If I’m not on the slopes during the winter season, I’m studying, scrapbooking, filming, watching Netflix or just finding ways to improve myself as a person.

I started this blog on March 17th, 2016. I literally woke up on day and said I want to start a blog and I did. I was inspired by all the photography on pinterest and several other blogs that have influenced me into creating a place for myself on the internet to share all the things I enjoy, places I go and more about who I am♡


♡Favorite Color: Lavender
♡Favorite Tv Show: Game of Thrones
♡Favorite Hobby: Scrapbooking


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