A Seattle to remember

Hello readers!

My trip to Seattle was a whirlwind of fun, rain and un bloomed tulips.  I love the rain as much as the next person (during certain times of the year of course).

But when our travel plans include a Tulip Festival with 50 degree weather and pouring rain, than I can safely say, that the rain is not my friend. We went to Rosengarde Tulip Festival out by Mount Vernon and it was pouring but that didn’t stop us from taking amazing shots of the flowers that were in bloom. The perfect shot always has a backstory to why its perfect. (Maybe that person was standing out in the rain trying to get the perfect shot.. )  Whatever it may be there’s always a sense of fulfillment when the perfect photo is taken.

After the Tulip Festival, we went to Dukes Chowder House and I ordered a delicious gourmet sandwich. I highly recommend stopping at Dukes’, great food and great views.


It’s not a Seattle trip until we get to the top of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle. The views from the top were breathtaking and bit chilly due to the recent rain. Also, it came as shock that they had a full bar up at the top of the space needle.  One of our final excursions included a harbor tour which was rather puny.  Our tour guide wouldn’t stop with the puns and it Added to the excitement that we were feeling about our trip.

I really enjoy to  travel. I’ve been to many cities but none that I’ve been able to blog about. I hope you follow me on my travel journey.

Let me know what you would like to see? The dirty details about traveling? Great experiences? Recommendations on food ?


As as always have a wonderful day,

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